Tom Delonge: Celebrity With a Heart of Gold by Mainstreet.

Tom Delonge’s Boxcar Racer really hit it home with this song. Even though he’s a celebrity, he has giving back so much to the people.

giphy (34)

When performing in Blink182(his most well known band) he did a lot of songs relating to us on many issues from high school to the early years of adulthood, while trying to stay young at heart himself. Eventually he had to face being a grown up changing his lifestyle. Later on he shocked the world, again. 

giphy (33)

During the bands of Angels and Airwaves and Boxcar Racer, his lyrics really went so much deeper with involvement as well as sincerity.

giphy (35)

I wanted to share this song to explain some of his views that I find very on par with the The song I want everyone to recognize him for is titled: I Feel So by Boxcar Racer.

When I first heard this song, I was pretty depressed in life just watching the world falling down around us but this song really amazed me. Where I got to see my hero’s(I looked up to and idolized growing up) ambition and views the betterment of society and his desire to change the world for the best of us all. There are many people who want this but if only all people that did could lead, the world would be such a better place. Through the lyrics of many song he’s written he had guided led many people to understanding many problems and situations which many of us had to deal with growing from puberty to our young adulthood. Also donating phenomenal amounts of money to charities and people throughout the world around us. Millions of people have been touched by this amazing musician/singer. Mad respect for Tom Delonge.

Mainstreet signing out.

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