With All Due Respect..!(pt.2)

Where did I leave off?

Maybe… it was where I stopped taking any meds…

Not a bad experience, but still a learning experience.

Who cares?  I don’t really so I won’t drag this on.  But! I did have something to say about the importance of this past year(a month-and-almost-a-half late)


So… I lifted my curse, got some cash, and almost got back on my feet after couch surfing these past 5 years.

Some of it was purposeful, fun, and full of adventure-worthy legend(most of which only I care about and/or will not share for various reasons).

A lot of it was struggling to fight against an invisible power that was holding me back all these years from success:



It’s a tricky bastard.

My understanding is completely that I was masking my symptoms with alcohol and pills!!!

Pills and alcohol – no depressive feeling temporarily(endless pit), no anxiety because I’m on a hardcore manic state(hard to pinpoint once you start the cycle)…

No understanding because it always looks normal to the afflicted(especially me who’s constantly guilty of overshooting the point)…

But enough clarity to gain my own required insight on everything else in the world except fixing what I needed to!  Waahooo…


That’s enough depressing shyte for now but I’ll have a point to all this when I write part 3(maybe sometime before November…).

I will say though: it was different pills that also helped me combat all this bullshit; for this I’m greatful.

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