Instant Inspiration (11) – Change of Perspective

  The weekend is finally here, and with it a new episode of my “Instant Inspirations”. If you feel you suffer from “Photographer’s Block” or simply want to shoot something that you have never tried … Source: Instant Inspiration (11) - Change of Perspective

Unbiased Review of the Blatantly Lying Media (USA)

At this point in time, I've noticed news networks outright refuting opposing claims and blaming them right back.  Now there's no way two sides can both be right when it comes to this; one side must definitely be lying.  It's as if they aren't even trying to cover their usual bullshit anymore which is scary to … Continue reading Unbiased Review of the Blatantly Lying Media (USA)

When We Are Ready to Hear, the Miracle Happens

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“What is found outside of the boundary of the personal self in the wider circle of unity is timeless. What comes to you in the form of natural abili¬ties or talents, as ideas, as imagination, as inspiration, instinct, intuition, as vision, or as calling, are ways of knowing that come to you, and through you, outside of the pattern of learning.

“Learning is about the transfer of knowledge that was gained in the time of learning, through the process of learning. Notice the inability of teaching or learning to call forth talents, ideas, imagination, inspiration, instinct, intuition, vision, or calling.” (ACOL, D:10.1 – 10.2)

Many words are given us in this quotation to let us understand that much that we know comes from beyond us. We do have insights that change our lives, and few would argue that we have “learned” that insight. Many might say that we coalesced subconscious…

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