I wake up every day wondering how I can affect change in the world. It wasn’t until recently that I really took a look at myself and noticed that some shit I claim to want to see happen in the world that I’m not ready for just yet.

What do I mean? I would love to see all races get along, but I’m on the fence about this “togetherness” everyone is preaching. It’s easy to preach togetherness when you’ve never been separated from anything. Not even religion or your heritage. How do I even get fully on board with accepting everyone else when it took me almost 29 years to accept myself?

A lot of people are upset with the racial bullshit in this country and I am one of them, but have to be patient with all of this. They do say you must love yourself before you can love anyone else, and let me tell you: as a whole, black people do not love themselves. A lot more of us do than in previous years, but not enough of us do to affect change(nowhere close). We’re still all black yet place lighter skin on a pedestal… It. Makes. No. Sense.This is not a race debate, nor is it a Black Lives Matter campaign; I’m simply giving a perspective… my perspective of wanting to see a change, but not really being ready for what we’re supposed to all be on board with.

I think black people need to be more honest with themselves. Yes, we want the change to happen, but it starts with us; period. Does that mean that the world will magically change because you respect yourself? No way, but you must be… you must embody… the change you want to see in the world. We may never see the world we’d like to see in our lifetimes, but why not take proper steps to ensure others do?


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