Modern Idiocy: Society’s Everyday Problems by Mainstreet.

-An opinion piece based on anecdotal experiences. Mainstreet’s beliefs on the following topics.
-TW:Race, Gender, Sexuality, Swearing

Today’s society is dealing with many issues. Some should get corrected as for others, people’s sensitivity on certain subjects should ease up. I’m not God or a monster, but here’s some of my personal views. Many people might get upset or offended, but spend the time to hear me out.

#1: Race. This is a very sensitive subject for many people, and I believe that it should soon be worked out. For people out there who are having issues with this, here is some advice- not right or wrong -but some pretty good wisdom from me for you. As there are many races out there, we are one as whole. People make race jokes or statements that might offend others. We need to move pass this. I know there are racist people out there, but the hate is not needed or desired. I think race jokes are funny, honestly, no matter what race it is about. I’m not prejudice at all. If there is an African-American and a European man walking by, and I mention something, it’s unlikely that I’m going to call them either of those terms. For one reason, it’s much easier to say white or black, in that sense. Another reason is the fact that if I said “African-American,” and he’s from another country or continent, he might get offended; and same for the European. White, Black, or Brown. These terms should not be offensive. They’re just descriptive terms bases on only sight, and shouldn’t be looked upon as racist. 

giphy (38)

#2 GENDER. Here’s a very sensitive one. Apparently, there are a list of 63 genders out there, but, regardless of that, let’s face some facts. We have biological men, women, intersex individuals, transgender individuals, and, in rare cases, none. You got guys who are masculine or feminine, same with women, transgender individuals, post or pre-op, some people have both genitalia, or people who might have none. But, regardless, you are what you are, biologically, in my opinion. I understand how rare cases of chromosomes missing or having extras can change how we feel. They found that out through science. But if you’re a guy, biologically, who feels like being a girl, or vice versa, I don’t think you should be offended by someone calling you a him or her based on your genitalia or what you appear as at first glance. I believe, it is what it is. This is a ridiculous sensitivity that shouldn’t be a big deal, in my opinion. Hate me or whatever, my view remains. 

giphy (42)

#3 SEXUALITY. I think it’s pretty dumb for people to judge others on their sexuality, unless it’s pedophilia, or necrophilia, or other things that wouldn’t be acceptable by the public. Straight, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Asexual, or other sexualities that I have heard. These are all normal forms of sexuality, and if it doesn’t effect you, then don’t get your feelings hurt by what other people are into. Don’t justify or discriminate based on these sexualities. Hate for another person’s sexual attraction is not needed.

giphy (41)

#4 RELIGION. Here’s another controversial subject. Let people believe in what they want… as long as it’s not physically hurting other people by subjecting anyone toward ill-natured mannerisms. It seems to me that people who are religious and brought up on a certain practices shouldn’t be judged on there faith in religion, nor be upset with another’s faith. It’s very hypocritical to judge someone based on your beliefs and to try to enforce your religion on someone else, because it wouldn’t be right for someone else to do to you. Faith is powerful, and I believe that where ever you put your faith or beliefs is where your spirit will follow regardless of whose god is the only god or the right god. Respect the beliefs of others.

giphy (40)

#5 COURTESY. This is one subject, man, people have forgotten about in many cultures, but there are a few specific things to which I want to open your eyes. Many people as of the last 5 years or so -which is when I noticed it more frequently anyway- are getting offended by people looking at them. Seriously? What the Fuck?! If I pass you walking on the sidewalk, and I glance at you as I pass or look your way while I’m walking by, I don’t think that this should be taken as hostility. This is a normal function, from how I see it. People need to stop being so sensitive to be looked at, you don’t like it? Stay inside. I don’t have a staring problem because of this. I don’t need to be asked all hostile “what are you looking at?” Another subject relatively close to this is a simple introduction as “Hey,” or  “Hi,” or “Hello,” or
“How you doing?”  and such shouldn’t, be taken as hostility; it’s very friendly and keeps society comfortable with each other. You don’t need a response such as “who you talking to?”, or “do I know you?”, or “what you’d just say?” in a hostile manner. This is fucking ridiculous, in my opinion and people who are like this need to get off the streets and learn love, peace, and compassion of others. Which doesn’t help my next and final subject to discuss.

giphy (39)

#6 PEOPLE ANXIETY. This is understandable in my opinion. But don’t freak out on me for being weird for saying something or, like, run from people who try to talk to you, or ignore them 100%. Communicating and conversing are things humans have always done and are very important for everyday life, indoor and out. People are afraid of people even more recently mostly due to the internet and social media. Remember this- we are all people. We speak languages to communicate with others verbally, or bodily, in rare circumstances, but still we have to do these things time to time to get on with everyday life.

giphy (43)

These are only my opinions on these subjects, not right or wrong, but I would appreciate to hear feedback on these topics and the views of others. If any of these subjects you liked or were appalled by, either way, throw me a comment, and let me know what you think on these subjects.

Mainstreet signing out.

-Mainstreet’s beliefs and understanding of these topics do not reflect the views of all of us here at Street Psychiatry.

4 thoughts on “Modern Idiocy: Society’s Everyday Problems by Mainstreet.

      1. Holy CRAP! LOL…so what do we call women who have their boobs made bigger? genderboob? feelmaboob? and what of men who have their penis’s enlarged? manadicks? Are they different genders too?? holy shit, this is funny!! There seriously is NO ‘normal’…we’re either mentally batshit crazy, or physically batshit crazy…can’t win…LOL


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