Another Absentee Landlord

People are talking about God called in sick today,

but it seems to me that can’t be it.
Having to deal with us on the daily?
It’s much more likely He up and quit.
How can I know this?
There was no two week notice.
No Zeus to His Cronos.
No server past the hostess.
No one who appreciates His opus.
Can the manifestation of love and hope feel hopeless?
Can our salvation fall prey to our predation?
Can the one constant truth fall to temptation?
Did our fixation with causation in relation to the narrative make it imperative for Him to take a vacation to see to the restoration of His sanity?
Or is it just my humanity?
Hubris and vanity,
that inspires this blasphemy,
this absentee-fantasy.
It’s a tragedy and a travesty that I can’t happily be a thread in His tapestry.
I refuse to seek His amnesty let alone ride in His cavalry.
Classically people would massacre me for actively questioning things.
That makes it seem like the birds got cast iron wings…
Like, if your faith can’t continue to fly with me asking why or just turning aside then it won’t be long until your faith is gone.
Faith enforced is like a voice gone hoarse.
You can scream about the dream as loud as you can,
but if I can’t understand,
if you won’t take my hand,
but instead ball up a fist when I question this
then you’re not walking any path but your own.
It doesn’t matter if God came into work or if He stayed home,
you really are alone.
See, here’s the issue that everybody’s missin.
How could an all powerful benevolent being,
all knowing,
all seeing,
look down on us and not scream
I’m sick of you hypocrites who kill in My name.
Your God and your God is one and the same.
How dare you claim to be enacting my aims?
My family is broken.
Maybe I should have spoken, plainly and sooner.
Maybe then our future wouldn’t need sutures.
Maybe then the many wouldn’t hew the few for thinking differently than they do.
Maybe then…
But then again…
If He showed His face it would displace faith.
If He introduced Himself to the common wealth,
said “Hello My children, I Am Myself”
If He came with candor flying His own banner.
If He weighted the dice for every gambler.
If He took away our questions by showing us THE answer.
If He came before us in such a manner,
then light running late wouldn’t move much faster
than His position in our hearts from Father to Master.
Did God call in sick?
Did He quit?
Is He still here?
Why don’t you look inside yourself and ask:
Does He feel near?



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