Dear secret lovers,

There can’t possibly be a stick so far up your ass that you do not realize you’re going after a married or taken person. You know what you’re getting into from the start. Either you have incredibly low self esteem or just do not care about anyones feelings besides your own. You’ve got to be an enormous amount of pure shit to be this person. Sorry not sorry, it’s sadly the truth. 

Okay, okay. I get it. Maybe this guy or gal led you on. Bought you flowers, flirted with you by saying you’re a gorgeous being, and basically gave you the moon. While you’re so busy ‘falling for this person,’ you lodge the fact that they already have someone so deep into your anus, you now see past it. This person tells you their problems with work/school/relationship/etc. You listen and agree to everything they have to say. 

This person now leaves their significant other for you. You’re excited, thrilled to finally not be in secret any longer. You tag along to hang out with this person’s friends. Said person’s friends continuously ask what happened between so and so. Ask where this person’s ex is and how they broke up.

You either feel a sense of guilt or automatically want to gloat about the subject at hand. You already won this person over, so why feel any sort of guilt? This person couldn’t have loved their ex enough to have cheated on them for you. It’s not your fault. So you decide to gloat about it and say, “we just clicked one day and we decided we needed to be together.”

 Oh but wait. This person now decides you were not the right one all along and wants their ex back. While you were too busy to notice and too in love to see. This person realized their ex had given them everything they’ve wanted. Maybe not the best of things but the best they could give.

You’re heartbroken. You’re shattered. You can’t think, breathe or even seem to see straight anymore. At this point, you realized how this person’s significant other had felt when they were being left. You now see what a big anus you’ve been. 

Now, at the very moment you realize you’re a gigantic asshole, you need to also realize another thing. Your worth. Yeah, sounds dumb. But it’s the truth. You’re no one’s second choice. You need to put your big pants on and understand when someone feels the need to turn to you while their in a relationship, you are always going to be the second choice.

(Hope this helped a few of you. Definitely do hope you pull that stick out of your anus as well.) 

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