Importance of Brains and Brawn by Mainstreet.

Intellectual people have many uses like such: current knowledge, strategy, capable advancing for technology or resources, and a game plan. I’m going refer to this type as the Nerds, not trying to offend these types of individuals.

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The Intellectuals are very good and learning with a constant desire for seeking more wisdom. They are also very understanding as well as making crucial decisions bases on there knowledge or logical reasoning. Every group of friends, workforce, or society need at least a few of these people on the inside to keep up with insight for the others. These people are ones who tend to be doctors, teachers, scientists, or architects. They tend to learn a lot to apply it to there lives as well as things that just might come in handy which they always plan ahead. Normally they have at least one gift whether its in math, science, or any other study that requires high intellectual strength and endurance. Taking an art course, doing art or creative work of any kind, building something, reading, learning a new language or writing are all ways to increase your intellectual strength. They are the brains behind the organization of any operation or function.

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Then you have the Physical type people who are hands on with learning and pick up on anything requiring high physical demand and have skills for leading such as a general or commander. They are the muscle of the operation. For the rest of this post I’m going to refer to this type as Athletes.

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Athletes also have high importance due to their desire to be strong and conditioned people. People might not think they are as important due to the lack of desire for learning and obtaining a bunch of information at anytime. They have many skills besides such as: naturally mechanically inclined, hands on learning, good judgement during improvised situations that require last minute ideas, great for laboring and building, for defense, any high stress physical problems, and holding moral for the people as a whole.

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Deep thinkers are normally introverted people who keep to themselves for the most part or other intellectuals. They tend to be problem solvers due to running the many different scenarios and simulations through their minds. Also known as critical thinking. These people tend to be quiet for the most part but always very observant while keeping to themselves. They need time to fully consider the topic, and collect all the facts before making a decision. This can be frustrating for people around a deep thinker who demand an immediate answer, and realize it’s never going to happen. In the long run, you can rest assured that with a deep thinker, once they’ve come to a decision, it’s not been made lightly. Their solution has been examined from every angle to minimize potential problems and give the best possible outcome.

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Athlete type of people are very helpful and friendly as well as not scared to get dirty. They will always get the job done no matter the physical strain but its programmed into their brains that they are going to finish what ever project they start. They are more motivated to seeing the change from afar after the completion of a project as well as tell take a lot of pride in their work and their ethics. Self-starters for the most part, but they aren’t just about working either they are normally extroverted and have a lot of pull when it comes to peers or co-workers. Thus they control the moral of the organization as well as sometimes having to make rash decisions, which isn’t necessarily their strong point but they will it needed. Normally they’ll come to the brain when difficult decisions need to be made but certain few the brain in uneasy with deciding which they end up taking fate into their own hands.

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Nerds tend to stick together as well as your Athletes but they are definitely the counter parts to each other creating a perfect balance. It’s good to have a leader from each of these departments but when it comes to brains they tend to keep themselves at par with the other Nerds which is why Athletes tend to take command. In other words, picture the Athlete as the president or face and the Nerds being congress or the brains. A perfect balance and check system in my eyes.

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So which do you think is more important please comment below.


Mainstreet out.


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4 thoughts on “Importance of Brains and Brawn by Mainstreet.

  1. OK, quick comment….There are no brains or brutes. Simply people living on huge ego’s. People who honestly believe they can ‘change the world’, ‘make a difference’ and try so hard to do so. In TRUTH, all that they’re doing, is projecting their selfish egos. We only need to be humble, kind, loving and…Wisdom? That is something you learn when you drop your ego. 🙂

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    1. This is true but breaking it down to the 2 easiest types would be this. Not all are just 1 but it’s just generally speaking on behalf of each. Most people recently are more of a combination of the 2. I just wanted to explain the potential of both sides Brutes not as in Barbaric kind of people but just as in terms of high physical strength such as athletes, gymnasts, hikers, mountain climbers, par kor, just physical people in general. As for the intellectuals I mean like the nerds or geeks or science/math wizs. Things of that nature mostly people are a bit of both but still some set in stone one or the other.


      1. LOL… I agree! sorry if I came across as being weird or something. You’re right and spot on about the 2 different types of people in the world 🙂

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        1. 2 very generalized types but as of modern times you got many types along with alignments on good, bad, lawful, chaotic, and neutral types to social, peace keepers, literal brutes, smart, playful, stern, work oriented, etc


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