Black Feathers

Black Feathers When depression sets in, it seems like you have been dropped in a maze All around you, you can hear and feel happiness But you keep rounding corners and smacking in to walls It knocks you down, and you scream at yourself to get up But your legs decided today just wasn’t their … Continue reading Black Feathers

Poetry – There’s No I in Bipolar (Oops!)

Slipped down the spiral again, sinking to new highs.  The brain whispered lies, as I climbed a mountain in search of a fountain of youth, forsooth! Loose tooth! (I babble, I love scrabble!) Brain shattered in shards, winding down a house of cards.  Grinding glass teeth into chunks, (mixed ‘em with raisin bran), laid in … Continue reading Poetry – There’s No I in Bipolar (Oops!)