The Background 

When in silence there is the pounding thought of what was believed to be. Your gut tells you run fast and free. The lies and humiliation are real. 
The lowest point when the heart tells the head you’re just imagining things. 
Then the curtain drops and only the background of empty characters remain. The heart admits the shame. Inflicted because of weakness, moral hopefulness. 
The background is always the same.
It’s a game of the two. 
The hypocrisy of finger pointing directly at those tears stained cheeks. Cry heart, the only fault is believing the curtain wasn’t for show and the background was as real as the words spoken. 
The pity in the disgrace of believing once again there could be more. One character that isn’t another repetition of the script in this black memorized, been there stage. 
The tears roll on with no empathy in the dark oblivion. Then the spotlight shines on the wrong.
 Heart stops from interjecting and now sits in the background. The characters remain the same however now the brain, the gut of suspect takes charge. They see beyond the irony of this pragmatic scheme. 
No matter. Naivety is gone. 
J.F original 10/2/2017

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