DIPSHITS are alive and well! sadly

'Please' she begged over the phone, 'I'm afraid I'm going to kill myself! Please help me!, she cried hysterically, her mind on a totally different Planet to where it's normally at. He was quiet. Then he said 'Just breathe, and concentrate on something else'....'WHAT?' she sobbed, 'I think I'm going to harm myself, help me … Continue reading DIPSHITS are alive and well! sadly

Do the Drugs Work?

There's that beautiful song - The drugs don't work (posted below), by The Verve, which resonates with me. Why? Because my constant struggle with myself, as to whether to stop all psyche medication, since I've convinced myself that it's destroying my body and possibly brain, never seems to end. So I listen to this song, … Continue reading Do the Drugs Work?

Suicide Prevention Month – My Story Part 3

I have no idea what a normal mom is, but I know I am not one.  Before, I was Super Mom and now I am some sort of odd hippie, zen, metal head mom.  I never allowed myself to believe I was a good or even decent mom.  I have six eyes watching me and … Continue reading Suicide Prevention Month – My Story Part 3