Mental illness. Stop the cruelty!


youtube is loaded with people throwing out vicious videos about people living with mental illness.

these trolls, target Borderline and Bipolar sufferers in particular. Knowing nothing about how it feels to feel like you’re dying everyday in a pain impossible to explain, living with a mind that won’t co operate, constant thoughts of suicide, judgement from everyone, living in shame and often silence, lest we say something wrong…and and and….I’m ENOUGH!

Take a person in hospital on a heart monitor, who’s hearts not beating as it should. They’re hooked up to machines, showing the misfiring heart, they’re in bed, they have doctors around, supporting them,their families care, and help.

The mentally ill person is in exactly the same position. The only difference is that we get out of bed when we can, coz God help us if we dont! We’re not hooked up to monitors, so people cannot SEE our…

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