Limitless Potential

Do you know your own true potential?  We live in an infinite universe; this means any section of infinity is also infinite within itself.  For some of us math people: ∞/x = ∞ no matter what x is(for the uninitiated, try it).  Logically, even though we're a finite part of the universe we still contain an … Continue reading Limitless Potential

Well That Was Mildly Racist

I've found myself saying this more and more recently.  Being an interracial individual who is considered "white passing" (a phrase I absolutely hate), I've dealt with varying degrees of racism. It seems though that recently I've dealt with more watered down versions, microaggressions, the whole "I'm not racist but..." thing, and from people I'd never … Continue reading Well That Was Mildly Racist

How we’re Connected yet Unique

Blogging gives me a voice I wouldn’t normally have beyond the realm of cyberspace. Yes, I have an online identity within social media where I interact with others. What I didn’t have was a unique way to say, “Hey, stop for a second and read what I have to say, see what I have to … Continue reading How we’re Connected yet Unique