So You Want Help? Pt II

Yesterday's Post Normal is a word that causes a lot of distress for everyone.  The problem is, though, no one seems to actually know what normal is.  Most seem to chase the illusion of normal like a greyhound chasing the rabbit.  My favorite quote is: "Normal is an illusion, what is normal to the spider … Continue reading So You Want Help? Pt II

“Modern” Medicine

I will be the first person to admit that I am not tech savvy.  I call myself a caveman with an iPhone all the time.  Like everyone, I'm kind of hooked on my blinking rectangle.  Between Facebook and texts, I'm inundated with reading crap.  One day, I actually realized it makes my anxiety worse.  I … Continue reading “Modern” Medicine

My Organised Chaos.

In my organised chaos,  I go into 'pretend' mode, (which is often very necessary), then my chaos is really quite organised. Well, to my mind it is..... It's just other people who cannot see the order in my chaos! I don't understand it, seriously. I mean, what is wrong with an unmade bed, (due to … Continue reading My Organised Chaos.