Open up your mind to the fact that you know nothing.

1484802650014.jpgThink of the color Puce. Maybe you are familiar with it and the thought comes easy. Maybe you haven’t. It’s not possible to recall something you haven’t seen. But the color exists.  Described as a purplish brown color; easy to think of when compared to two other colors you already know.   Human brains are limited in this way… we can only ever fathom the things we’ve seen and heard.

What about the things we haven’t heard?  It’s silly to think those types of unfathomable wonders don’t exist right? In a seemingly infinite universe, I find myself applying this thought process to a lot of unexplainable scenarios.  We can do our best to piece it together but sometimes we just simply aren’t equipped to answer them when so many pieces of the puzzle are missing.  They are swept under the couch and you have no intention, or the means to look under there for them at the moment.  But they are there. They exist.

I’ve always been skeptical of religion. I realized at a young age that people lie. A lot.  For any reason.  To justify their actions, to manipulate, sometimes maybe it’s just funny. So when I was told there’s a man in the sky watching and judging all our actions and has a plan for us I believed it about as much as I would believe a stranger that told me he could walk on water.  That’s not to say I don’t believe in a god…

There is plenty of overwhelming evidence that suggests we were designed. I just don’t think it’s the way people think it is.  To me a heaven might be kind of boring.  Kind of like playing a video game and putting in all the cheat codes; you just lose interest.  I just lose interest if you just skip all the pain, the struggles, gratification of completing a difficult task, you miss out on the point of the game entirely.  It is my belief that after death the possibilities are endless and unfathomable.  Our brains are too limited to even understand it.

Open up your mind to the possibility that we won’t be able to figure out what happens after death in this lifetime.  What we do know is that we are here… now.  We exist.  Your consciousness is constantly learning and we’re stuck with what we’ve got for now. Religion has worked for most people as a guideline to not be an asshole but it has it’s flaws.

My philosophy has always been to treat each other kind.  Learn all you can.  It boggles my mind that the term holier than thou even exists. we all live on the planet together and the afterlife is out of your hands.  Keep yourself happy.  Keep your friends happy. Enjoy the time we have on this earth.

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