DIPSHITS are alive and well! sadly

'Please' she begged over the phone, 'I'm afraid I'm going to kill myself! Please help me!, she cried hysterically, her mind on a totally different Planet to where it's normally at. He was quiet. Then he said 'Just breathe, and concentrate on something else'....'WHAT?' she sobbed, 'I think I'm going to harm myself, help me … Continue reading DIPSHITS are alive and well! sadly

To Discover Yourself….

Whenever I get even slightly confused about 'who' I am, or 'why' I'm here, or 'what should I be doing while everyone is in the sun outdoors and I can't bear to even contemplate joining them'? and and and....my mind is akin to a roller coaster, only, it's filled with a million thoughts, from the … Continue reading To Discover Yourself….

StreetPsychiatry on MahButtItches

Originally posted on MahButtItches... First off, I'd like to thank MBI for having me on here and for all her work on StreetPsychiatry.com. RECIPROCITY. So my story to health began when I became unhealthy.  I was 16 and had a bad reaction to Accutane; clinical depression, high anxiety constantly, and a suicidal outlook all that … Continue reading StreetPsychiatry on MahButtItches