Ethereal Permanence

How do I begin something like this?  I don’t even know where to start…

What do you believe in?  Are there limitations to the human condition or is there more out there than what were taught in school and by our parents?

This is the confirmation the latter.


How’s your breathing?  Shallow?? DEEP???

Relax, it’s a test for the right mind.

ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION – it’s all over the place.  What you know about that..?

giphy (4)

I’ll assume it’s more than I know; I just see some mist here and there, emanations from energy sources, and myself starting to daydream.

Maybe I’m stunted – a spiritual midget of sorts…

There’s so much disinformation out there; go easy on the sentencing.

giphy (3)

I guess it’s why some claim to see auras.  Is the seat of the soul activated??  We play with the pineal gland every night…

I’ve done this before so many times, why is it so profound to me now?  There’s more I can do with this information… It’s like it’s calling upon me to utilize it.

I don’t mean sucking up the rest of the air; I already tried.

200w (1)

Thanks ∞

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