Quick Thought; No, Maybe an Extended Rant

A rant about the virtues of blogging and responsibilities

Weekly Photo Challenge – Atop

When you ride through a new country, sometimes the only pictures you take are either blurry landscapes flashing before your eyes or architectural details atop buildings you see briefly seen from a back seat. And in Romania, you can get a crick in your neck looking up at the some of the best toppers in […] … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Atop

Travel Pics Theme: G for Gardens. Singapore Orchids

This week, our Travel pics series is G for Gardens. For Saturday, it’s Singapore, and the city-state’s National Orchid Gardens.. We recently had reason to spend a few days in Singapore, on our way to Vietnam, and discovered a great little bonus that is sometimes on offer if you fly with Singapore Airlines – the … Continue reading Travel Pics Theme: G for Gardens. Singapore Orchids