Pronouns for People..

    LISTEN UP FOLKS!! Can it get more ridiculous? Seriously, can this stupid world, get more pathetic? When P.C. started, one had to watch everything you said, lest you be charged and sued by someone. So began the P.C. generation. A person who was previously referred to as 'retarded', could not be called retarded … Continue reading Pronouns for People..

Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?

Continuing from: Depression is Selfish The suicides of Robin Williams, Chris Cornell, and Chester Bennington prompted a common concern: would kids copy these celebrities? This concern is used to justify anger and hostility.  It is used to support “suicide is selfish”.  The concern is understandable, copycat suicides are real. The people most at risk to copycat … Continue reading Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?

Response to “Modern Idiocy…”

So, I recently read the "Modern Idiocy" article, and I wanted to respond so that readers can get another perspective on the topics discussed. I don't believe I need to delve super deep into it, as it is an opinion piece- akin to this. Keep in mind, these are not end all-be all responses; just another perspective.