Why do you blog?

So here I was, or am, trying to fix my computer, getting annoyed, coz I don't get it, and then I wondered why do I blog? I go through SO many of your blogs and seriously, most of them are awesome. I have my favourite bloggers, as you do yours, and that's cool. We can't … Continue reading Why do you blog?


Pronouns for People..

    LISTEN UP FOLKS!! Can it get more ridiculous? Seriously, can this stupid world, get more pathetic? When P.C. started, one had to watch everything you said, lest you be charged and sued by someone. So began the P.C. generation. A person who was previously referred to as 'retarded', could not be called retarded … Continue reading Pronouns for People..

Importance of Brains and Brawn by Mainstreet.

Intellectual people have many uses like such: current knowledge, strategy, capable advancing for technology or resources, and a game plan. I'm going refer to this type as the Nerds, not trying to offend these types of individuals. The Intellectuals are very good and learning with a constant desire for seeking more wisdom. They are also … Continue reading Importance of Brains and Brawn by Mainstreet.