Why do you blog?

So here I was, or am, trying to fix my computer, getting annoyed, coz I don't get it, and then I wondered why do I blog? I go through SO many of your blogs and seriously, most of them are awesome. I have my favourite bloggers, as you do yours, and that's cool. We can't … Continue reading Why do you blog?

The Kingdom of Us.

I watched an incredible movie/documentary, about a woman who has 7 kids, all autistic, some of whom also suffered with dyslexia. Not only was this documentary real, honest and raw, as the director spent 3 years filming the family every day, as they continued with their lives. Brilliantly edited,  an undisputeably mind blowing documentary/film, is … Continue reading The Kingdom of Us.

Mental illness -Sympathy Vs. Empathy

Psychologists have their place, as do doctor;s psychiatrists and so on, when it comes to dealing with mental illness. However, no doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist can EVER hope to actually have 'empathy' for the mentally ill, simply because, unless they're mentally ill themselves (in which case they would not be allowed to practice), they cannot … Continue reading Mental illness -Sympathy Vs. Empathy