Suicide Prevention Month – My Story Pt 2

Suicide Prevention Month – My Story Pt 1 About 2 months ago, I was driving home and The Outsider by A Perfect Circle came on. It’s one of those songs that felt too close to home about myself.  I was singing and thinking how I had been punishing myself for everything that happened with my kids, my … Continue reading Suicide Prevention Month – My Story Pt 2

13 Reasons….

ORIGINAL POST FROM MAHBUTTITCHES.... 13 Reasons why I'm happy.. 1. I have a warm bed which comforts me. 2. I have 3 loving, kind,  wonderful children who understand me. Who don't judge me coz I'm bipolar. 3. I found myself through the Chaos of mental illness. 4. I have the gift of sight (albeit using … Continue reading 13 Reasons….

Surprise! Hiatus(Bethadone is taking time away from blogging although she promises to be back to StreetPsych with more experiences to share)

I haven't been writing like I used to, and I think I may need a break. The passion and drive I had before has dwindled down to practically nothing. So I'm taking a break. I'll be back with new ideas and fresh insight. Stay tuned.