Community Outreach Program

Today marks the creation of our Community Outreach Program for Mental-Health and Well-Being..!  This will be accomplished in two-parts: 1. Submissions/compilation 2. The Program launch

For the next 30 days, we’ll be accepting submissions from anyone who has personal experience pertaining to mental health; we accept those wish disorders, friends/families of members with disorders, and anyone that works in the related fields.

MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR STORY(it helps others know how many submissions we’re actually getting and helps me to find your submission quickly among all the things flooding in right now…)

-The story should be personal insight into your own/others experiences with mental health and it will help if you start as far back as possible in your story(as we would like to get to know our applicants as much as possible in the process).

Submissions should be between 300-750+ words(longer works not recommended).  We will be choosing the top content to publish in our campaign to distribute through our upcoming events and outreach programs.  This and all other submissions will be made available on our website(and our program affiliates) within the month before the final release and the start of our next phase in the outreach program.-

+If you or any of your friends have struggled with mental health disorders, know this: applicants will have an opportunity to play a larger part in the outreach; this includes a variety of options which not only provides you with a major role in the cause but also promotes your page to the followers of our entire combined affiliate network.+

ALSO, if you’d like to know more about our outreach or affiliate program then make sure to e-mail me at with your questions/submissions and REMEMBER TO PUT ‘Outreach Program’ in the subject line.  It’s also helpful if you include a photo or picture that best represents you at the end of your submission if you want to stand out more.

I’m really looking forward to reading your submissions and kicking off this Outreach Program to reach the many people who could definitely use the words/experiences we have to share.

Once the contest is over on 6/7, we will still be accepting submissions for future projects.

TO BE SURE, E-mail me at and submit your story using the form below. Make sure to register with us at our Registry if you would like to be considered for larger parts in the organization(and again, leave a comment at the bottom of this post.)

We’re reaching out to many talented, unique individuals that have the potential to easily benefit any community through their inspiration, sincerity/dedication, leadership, and push for new, positive change.

All these traits(more often than not) goes to waste through a lack of understanding, a counter-intuitive divide, a lack of available resources, and(maybe most importantly) a way to simply connect with others and their communities.

((soooo again, we ask that you turn in two copies: one at and here)) –

FINALLY: Network with us through the Outreach Blog: for up-to-date info and resources.