Intellectual genocide

Rarely do I ever rant or even say too much on Facebook considering it's essentially only used to feed us endorsements and research our likes to subconsciously exploit our consumer driven nature, however I do feel a strong urge to educate the malignant tumors of the world. Those whose purpose seems only to the spreading … Continue reading Intellectual genocide

Starving artist

The irony of this readily phrase "starving artist" is in actuality true. The reason, those who don't suffer to create are the same who charge for their "expounded" knowledge on artwork and how to market such to get ahead. Art a marketing scheme... hmm thought we were in this together. Simple advice will cost $99 … Continue reading Starving artist

The Background 

When in silence there is the pounding thought of what was believed to be. Your gut tells you run fast and free. The lies and humiliation are real.  The lowest point when the heart tells the head you're just imagining things.  Then the curtain drops and only the background of empty characters remain. The heart … Continue reading The Background