Starving artist

The irony of this readily phrase “starving artist” is in actuality true. The reason, those who don’t suffer to create are the same who charge for their “expounded” knowledge on artwork and how to market such to get ahead.
Art a marketing scheme… hmm thought we were in this together. Simple advice will cost $99 a month. But guaranteed results. Results of what? More followers on instagram? I want to know how to change things.
Thank you to all those with monetary advantage and ability to photoshop your “original” images.
Make that green for those who go without necessities to buy materials that don’t need any doctoring.
Keep encouraging plagiarism and the opposite of what love in art is meant to be. You can and will not earn a cent from me.
But I will give you apathy, indifference, disgust and truth of all you take from the trying, hard driven, surviving just to make a piece of original us.

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