Intellectual genocide

Rarely do I ever rant or even say too much on Facebook considering it's essentially only used to feed us endorsements and research our likes to subconsciously exploit our consumer driven nature, however I do feel a strong urge to educate the malignant tumors of the world. Those whose purpose seems only to the spreading … Continue reading Intellectual genocide


The Insect Rave!


insect rave

Hi peeps

So, a few years ago, in my search for some kind of meaning to my life, seeing as my mental illnesses all but screwed it up, I hated religion, having been raised a Catholic and going to confession from when I was 5 years old….(what the hell does a 5 year old know about sin?)…

anyhow, finally, I happened upon a Guru. I real life, enlightened Being, who answered all of my questions, who makes sense, who pointed me to the TRUTH that I AM, and who I love, asking for nothing in return.

NOhellfire and brimstone shit, NO, ‘you’re going to purgatory’ shit, NO ‘sin’ shit, NO guilt crap, plus all the other stuff that the white man’s religion indoctrinated us all with, in order to control the masses, (remember, ALL wars back then, were based on Religion)…

So, all that said, I thought…

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Fire Sale!

So I thought seeing as christmas is almost upon us, I would sell off my remaining stock, for next to nothing. I have no intention of rushing around to shops to sell my stock, even though some of it is really cool and all imported. I've had a look at what is available in shops … Continue reading Fire Sale!