Intellectual genocide

Rarely do I ever rant or even say too much on Facebook considering it’s essentially only used to feed us endorsements and research our likes to subconsciously exploit our consumer driven nature, however I do feel a strong urge to educate the malignant tumors of the world. Those whose purpose seems only to the spreading of idiotic normalcies.

So I went forward with my rant. On Facebook of all platforms. Maybe the continuation of building a society on illiterate, internet obsessed zombies who are given free reign to speak without a hint of knowledge finally got to me or perhaps I just felt like climbing up on the old soap box. It really is interchangeable in my current mind numbing situation. Anyhow boys and girls back to the rant…

I get it not everyone is vegan. Most likely because it’s far too difficult of a commitment for this simplistic generation. I can respect that you’ve been indoctrinated into believing that killing beautiful creatures and consuming them is far healthier than ummmmmm vegetables 👌 but it’s just not.

I will digress in that thought and simply ask that you educate yourself, not judge, and most certainly do not place your small town, “need” to hunt for population control rhetoric down the throat of those who believe in cruelty free forms of living.

Truth be told we are taking over their land with our incessant breeding and the real need for population control is for those humaniish beings who believe in humane slaughter.

Again I digress.

So going forward… I have no sympathy for the ignorant, the lazy, the “anti” anything not understood. Trust me there is hope out there. With a little time you may grasp the concept of empathy. If you know nothing about veganism or any other “controversial” topic you should read up. I have some literature that you are welcome to borrow.




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