Ethereal Permanence

How do I begin something like this?  I don't even know where to start... What do you believe in?  Are there limitations to the human condition or is there more out there than what were taught in school and by our parents? This is the confirmation the latter. How's your breathing?  Shallow?? DEEP??? Relax, it's … Continue reading Ethereal Permanence

Suicide Prevention Month – My Story Part 1

I am 13 years old.  I’m in 7th grade.  I’m on the bus, and I have the asshole kid in front of me reminding me how fat I am.  He’s added, now, to close my legs, because I smell like fish. My stomach crawled in my throat, and my heart is desperately trying to plug my … Continue reading Suicide Prevention Month – My Story Part 1

So You Wanna Meditate?

There are tons of videos, books, and gurus that can teach you how to meditate.  I am not going to write a step by step guide on meditation, but I thought some tips might be helpful.  Modern psychology incorporates the Buddhist practices of mindfulness and meditation to reduce anxiety and depression.  Ironically, my psychologist seemed surprised … Continue reading So You Wanna Meditate?