Choosing Grace In Transition

We’ve all been there, a state of transition. It comes through in the various life sectors; career, relationships, home, family/health and death. Often uncomfortable because of the implied change that accompanies transition, this is important to note because as we move forward into a new paradigm of possibility it will require a conscious awareness of the multitudes of experiences we encounter and determine whether we react or co-create with the flux of transformation that ensues.

Because of the societal conditioning many of us have been programmed into, we are in a constant state of reaction. We explode into fits of discomfort when we encounter something that doesn’t fit within our chosen reality expectation and depending where we are on our path of self-awareness; we begin to give ourselves a guilt trip. Reprimanding our inner self for behaving in such a way, guiding it to feeling “good” or “happy” – sweeping the sensation of the moment under the rug so that we can turn away from it and resume our “old self”.

All of this, while justified in our egoic human experience, serves only the purpose of wasting energy. Thereby depleting our internal energy reservoirs, leading us to escape into any number of handy dandy substances, technologies and ideologies.

Guess where it leads? Right back to a state of complacency and reaction. A never ending cycle of energetic depletion is how humanity has lived its life for thousands of years, which has then been deemed a normal reality to exist in; anything other than constant states of exhaustion and suffering is considered to be abnormal and weird.

Simply because we unconsciously react to a situation beyond our control.

So what about the flip side? What does that even feel like?

Reaction is an understandably difficult hurdle to overcome because of millenia of genetic conditioning that physiologically influences our emotional/mental state and the perceptions of our operating consciousness.

Transition from a perspective of non-attachment, non-reaction, simply is. The operating consciousness falls naturally into a state of grace and observation. Offering compassion to the self during this time is imperative to successfully navigating transitory states as this acknowledges the difficulty being moved through, without an attachment to the outcome. Simply observing within an expanded state of being, naturally compels action, moment to moment.

How does one activate this non-reactionary state when the ego mind is so used to the socially accepted and conditioned response of dramatizing events and circumstances beyond expectation and control?

First one must choose to observe. Notice when the sensation in the body doesn’t feel good. When the sensation is observed one can discern what thought or external influence inspired such a sensation to arise.

Then, one must acknowledge full responsibility for any thoughts or feelings that created said situation. Often this is not an easy task because our reactive states generally come from an internal story we would rather not admit to ourselves.

By acknowledging the story we are holding onto, we now can make a different choice no longer bound to reaction. A state of empowerment is introduced as taking responsibility negates any emotional energy that is being resisted.

Transition, while still uncomfortable and uncertain, becomes an opportunity. A consciousness directive that leads one into and through experiences that become a driving force for catalyzing change. Opportunities arise from transitionary states when the judgment is dropped. Experience is experience, it is neither good nor bad – it simply is. The human ego is that which categorizes experiences into neat little boxes or files and applies previous experiences to the present moment.

When one drops the old stories there is no reaction, because it is not triggering a deeper emotional trauma. There isn’t even anything one has to do; the reaction becomes nothing. In the nothing one finds stillness. In the stillness one finds being. And in the being one finds Grace.

Go ahead and make the choice to intend alignment and see what happens! When change and transition begin another cycle, remember that an experience was created for the intent of manifesting a greater harmony with self.

If the pressure of shifting is too much, allow an emotional/mental release to move through the body, surrender and remember that a conscious choice was made to intend deeper harmonic resonance – transition was initiated by choice.

Imagine what would happen in a world that saw the gift of transition for what it is? Riding the waves of change and expansion, humanity would soar into a whole new paradigm of personal/collective empowerment. A state of Grace.


Hey there, my name is Zane and I am a Conscious Creative that utilizes my arts of manifesting energy into physical form by expressing through the various senses. Growing up I never gave myself a whole lot of credit as an artist in any form and as I have matured I have connected with, and made creativity a priority in my life that now influences all states of my being; whether it be thought, word or deed I constantly strive to infuse my creations with increasing intent. If you are interested in checking out more of my work, you can find me on Patreon where I am assisting the growth and evolution of humanity!

3 thoughts on “Choosing Grace In Transition

  1. Damn good Zane, that’s my kind of info. You spoke true words and did it thoroughly. Hopefully it wasn’t too thorough for the average reader because they’d be missing out on a lot. I have a few pointers if we could speak some on

    I hope you have a lot more where these came from; this sort of main knowledge is StreetPsychiatry’s foundation.


    1. Thank you! I would love to hear some pointers, I’m thoroughly aware my writing style can be a bit…much. I had to go through several times to ease the language a bit – definitely a challenge for me but it was fun to face it!

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