Doing & Being – Existence With Purpose

Take a walk out into any urban environment and quickly the mind is plagued with concerns and worries about what can be done regarding the various social and environmental dilemmas humanity is currently facing. I have been approached by many people over the past year that have asked, “But what can I do?!”.

The answer may not be what you wish to hear.

The act of doing implies far more than what is casually thrown around. Doing is a state of Being. It naturally arises from a state of inherent expression in any given moment. The awareness of an individual is what determines whether Doing is done consciously from inside or as a reaction to an external reflection.

The “inside” part is the awareness of a state of Being. Being, also, is far more than the word suggests. Being is the multi-state awareness of conscious engagement within the body. Body-Mind-Emotion-Spirit. Simultaneously constitutes “Being”.

Therefore if conscious “Doing” arises from internal awareness of “Being”. The root of the Being is source of our Doing. Yay Paradoxes!

This is in reference to an individual consciousness but easily lends itself to describing a state of collective consciousness. Holographic reality. Microcosm and macrocosm.fractalcandle

This begins to place Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” to a whole new level. Social/environmental harmony begins within the individual, this will naturally lead to a state of Doing in alignment with the Being.

Each perceived wrongdoing and catastrophe is a reflection of human collective/individual consciousness. Likewise, each blessing and miracle on the planet is an aspect of human consciousness.

Why does human consciousness have such an effect on the environment?

For one, it is the dominating influence upon the Planet. For two, Humanity is designed to be an intermediary bridge between cosmic energies and Planetary Harmonics.

Between the two, the power of a Human being is quite profound. A single human being can change the face of history – we have seen it happen many times. Imagine what would occur for the entire collective to consciously change it’s course?

Not too hard to imagine these days, as we are in it. The choice has been made and Humanity is diving into the depths of it’s own expression to find itself. Lost for aeons in a slumber – perceived separate from Universal acknowledgment.

The times we are in have been specifically designed to create a lesson plan – a fast track into conscious awareness. The external provides a reflection of internal pain and suffering, thus providing an opportunity to move beyond limitation. To find purpose.

The discovery of one’s innate purpose should be the prime focus of any aspiring [r]evolutionary. But what about everyone else?!

It is through example that others may find their purpose too. It helps no one to sit in the problems of fear and suffering. It does nothing to sit in what clearly doesn’t work.

innerworkingsclockStep outside of a system of limitation – created solely by the impressions upon the mind. The ingenuity of the human body-mind-energy system is limited by…….nothing.

Create internally the state of Being and the Doing will naturally follow. This is not about adhering to strictly spiritual concepts. This is about integrating higher conscious awareness into the physical body. Far more difficult. Why? Because it requires each individual to take responsibility for their part within the collective.

It requires each individual to step up to their own innate potential, to own their gifts and to embrace their personal Power to create global transformation.

IMG_9516Hey there, my name is Zane and I am a Conscious Creative that utilizes my arts of manifesting energy into physical form by expressing through the various senses. Growing up I never gave myself a whole lot of credit as an artist in any form and as I have matured I have connected with, and made creativity a priority in my life that now influences all states of my being; whether it be thought, word or deed I constantly strive to infuse my creations with increasing intent. If you are interested in checking out more of my work, I would Love to connect with you!

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