DIPSHITS are alive and well! sadly

‘Please’ she begged over the phone, ‘I’m afraid I’m going to kill myself! Please help me!, she cried hysterically, her mind on a totally different Planet to where it’s normally at.

He was quiet. Then he said ‘Just breathe, and concentrate on something else’….‘WHAT?‘ she sobbed, ‘I think I’m going to harm myself, help me please!’

‘Well’, he calmly replied, ‘If you’re going to kill yourself, there’s nothing we can really do’….


Lost, alone and terrified, she put the phone down. Confused and disorientated, she pulled the covers over her head, because she knew, that if she went near the kitchen, she’d begin to slice herself up. She knew this, from being mentally ill all of her life. She knew this, because she’d learnt to recognise the signs of when she was in danger of herself.

But he didn’t know this. How could he know, that through years of practice, she knew to avoid everything and stay put, in case she did in fact, self harm. The ‘brilliant, all caring, compassionate, dipshit’ of a psychiatrist shrugged her off, suggesting that she ‘calm down’.

Then she understood. A wave of clarity washed over her, as a wave of comprehension overcame her sobbing. She finally understood that she was really and truly alone with her conditions. That nothing ‘they’ do or don’t do, will help.

She then googled for Sages, longing for some answer one of them would give her as her mind was filled with thoughts of slicing herself into pieces. She came upon one which changed her entire outlook and misery. Then realised, that she needn’t give a shit anymore. This was her life. Her time. Her story.

They say that psychiatric medications, lessen one’s life expectancy by 10 years. Well I say, that if losing 10 years, and being happy for whatever time you have, it’s worth every pill.

To have a long life, with demons constantly invading your head, making you utterly miserable, well, doesn’t seem like a life worth living.

Here’s a wonderful clip I thought I’d share with you. I love his philosophy and his outlook. Kind of resonates with me, because everything he says, is truth. We just fool ourselves into thinking the World will stop turning if we die.

LIVE while you’re alive!



3 thoughts on “DIPSHITS are alive and well! sadly

    1. Wow, thanks for the reblog! I’m so grateful, and yes, they’re incompetent fools, who have NO idea who or what we are, following a DSM for guidance on something they know nothing about! It’s appalling. xx

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