Whore’s Teeth[(stupid autocorrect)]

The punchline of the joke has something to do with being as useless as whore's teeth... So there it is. Ever wonder where our banner comes from? https://youtu.be/ul_LEuDp2XQ

Love one another as I have loved you – Jesus

The company ‘TradeRoutz’ no longer exists. Mental illness destroyed that too. Just reblogging coz I want to.


Hi Folks

It’s been ages since my last post, and that’s because I’ve been gripped in the ugly claws of the mindless hell called ‘depression’.

Now I know I should be blogging about all the beautiful goods that I sell from all over the world. Goods for the home that I travel to find. I travel far and wide to find goods that I can purchase from the poorest of the poor, who are trying to support their families and who live in abject poverty, and since my mind is a chaos of depression, sadness and then extreme happiness, I somehow feel I understand these people. So buying goods from the ‘have’s’ is not going to happen with me.

I should be promoting what I sell, I should be hard selling, or soft selling. I should be twittering, or tweeting, or whatever it’s called and learning about how to do…

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Ode to Desperation



It wasn’t so much that I wanted to die

I pleaded and begged for some Peace.

The Gods they just  laughed at me

From them I’d get no release.

‘What should I do?’ I asked my shattered mind

As I panicked with each desperate breath.

The sun no longer shines anymore

The Sun’s been put to death.

‘I try and I try, but I cannot make sense

Of the Storms and the thunder inside

No place to run, no one can hear me

From my burning mind I can’t hide.

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