Lifting The Veil 2

#1 was an ode to my own ignorance:  Lifting The Veil(so full of limitations with its base so far from reality I can only laugh at it).

I’m still not in the know but I know more than others, so I’m justified in writing this.

I might have been living a life akin to an insect, not even seeing reality let alone a higher dimension…


Where are you at?

It’s no longer my mission to go in the direction I was headed before.

I should really ask for forgiveness for overstepping my beliefs onto others choices…

I just want to share how I live, make up your own conclusion.

giphy (1).gif

Lucky to be at the 10th

Lucky AF.  I was guided in my belief in a higher power and myself.  I knew things didn’t add up long ago and I had to test it eventually.

It all brings me back to where I was before I believed in lies… no, half-truths.

Seeing things akin to a computer or other machinery, Yes or nonexistent.

giphy (2).gif

I live in a city where it’s set up for you to believe the lie, let alone have any reason to believe in something more.

It’s crazy when you start thinking out of what you know is true but covered by years of disinformation(half-truths).

I now know that what we speak has to be redefined in so many ways.

If it’s negative its inaccurate(a half-truth).

giphy (3).gif

I’m gifted with the ability to make my dreams a reality, all because I realized a few simple truths… and dropped all the Bullshit.

For Ǵ̦̫̞○øD̢͗͂ͮ̈̋̈.


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