• My first topic is about the Mandela effect. Now before you go ahead and get out your tin foil hat I should mention: I think it’s complete BS. I’ll admit, when i first heard about it I got caught in the hype and i was really excited about it. My excitement quickly faded when I did a little in-depth research.

    The Mandela effect is a collective remembrance of things but in reality it was a set of facts which ranged from slightly to extremely different from the truth. All of this stemmed from people believing Nelson Mandela died in jail(which is false).After a small amount of looking into most of these so-called “Mandela effect theories” you can debunk them.

    Even though the facts are bs, people still might remember them differently from the truth. There are a few different reasons why. It’s sort of like the childhood game “Telephone”; you know, where one person whispers something to someone in a line and the next person whispers whatever they thought they heard and then the next whispers and so on…

    Memory is tricky like that. If it’s not fact checked then they’ll just use their best guess(which may not be entirely accurate). The passing of information sometimes gets so distorted it’s unrecognizable.

    The amount of people today that will read an article on Facebook and believe it fully in order to justify their opinions is astonishing. For example: one popular meme had Obama shaking hands with famous rapper Dj Khalid. It was captioned,”Obama shaking hands with the leader of Isis.”People are too afraid to look their own ignorance in the face sometimes; so much so that they’ll go as far as blaming something else since forgetting how to spell chick-fil-a on some sort of rift between dimensions (another Mandela effect theory). It happens… memory is fickle business and it’s nothing to be ashamed about(I won’t go into this presidential election and how I believe it’s outcome was affected by the belief in this…).

    The reason behind people believing all of this dis-information is simple: people normally won’t take the time to fact check.  People can easily be complacent. Either this dis-information justifies what they’ve believed all along and spreads it around or they simply don’t care enough to put the time into fact checking.

    It’s always extremely important to check facts. You can fact check me right now… a decent amount of the articles you might read on facebook today are 100% fake(click-bait designed to create traffic to sell their products). Some people make a career out of making up enticing stories breed to make you click and read them.

    It doesn’t benefit them in any way besides money. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s some sort of government control technique or a way to push political views; it’s more about cash. One man(and again feel free to fact check me) claimed he was making 10,000 a month just from ad traffic. That kind of salary is enough to make any man turn a blind eye to how it effects people. They take a topic and popularize it by making the story worth reading; facts or not, it doesn’t make a difference and this is how many things work now.

One thought on “Misdirection

  1. Mandela Effect my butt! I’ve met him personally, before he died, and he was very alive and Well in the ANC government buildings in Johannesburg, South Africa, after he was released from prison on Robben Island. I even got to hug the dude! It was pretty awesome if I say so myself.


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