Ugly is an ugly word

So all of my life I’ve been teased about my appearance. If it’s not about my crooked nose, it’s about my super thin lips. Or my unusually small booty. As of lately, I’ve been called ugly a lot more. At first, I’d get really down on myself. Even cry sometimes. I just wish that every person shouldn’t have to feel the need to put others down, to make themselves appear better or feel better. We’re all just existing. And that’s beautiful. You’re beautiful. I don’t even know you probably, but I can say it. Because I can feel it.

Also, shout-out to my fiancee. Thank you for reminding me daily that I’m beautiful. You’re even more beautiful my love. ❤

(Just wanted to get this out. My perspective has been like this for awhile now. But I’m starting to have so much love for every person in the world.)

6 thoughts on “Ugly is an ugly word

  1. By spreading hate and negativity, people only stop themselves from growing and being better. So … To anyone who has ever said such a thing to you: just remind yourself that you’re in a better place than they are. And besides, beauty is such a relative thing … We cannot just decide who is beautiful and who isn’t, because looks aren’t the only thing that matter. Either way, don’t listen to them, but definitely listen to that badass fiance of yours! 🙂

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  2. Ugly is in the heart of those that judge and criticize others. You cannot BE an ugly person,because there’s no such thing. People who live in the Amazon look very strange to Westerners, and some might even call them ugly! by who’s standards! What bullshit…. but you can have an ugly heart. Remember the saying ‘what you think I am, is what you think you are’….be happy gorgeous!

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  3. Weirdo 🙂 you’re very beautiful. Fuck people who are such terrible critters crawling around out there with only thing to do is prey on the sensitive ones. You don’t deserve that nor does anyone else. Life is beautiful as said above which everyone has flaws and confidence problems or they put a hard front on. Any flaw someone has they make up for in many ways you just got to figure the strengths of the individual out. Virtues are key to beauty for it is the soul that really matters in the end.

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