Don’t limit your freedom.

Transcript between StPsy and JQ –

alright, you are our 2nd editor to speak with StPsy; what will our topic be?

For the topic I’d like to discuss how we live in an illusory freedom and
how one finds true freedom. The theme of this era is definitely egocentric.
That to me is the left side of the brain; that logical, calculating aspect
of our nature. The left brain is set in routines, patterns, and is linear.
Its a very mechanized way of living. For example, you run on a treadmill
lets say for 5 miles, right? but how far ahead did you actually move

So were rats in a cage…

Yes, you’re still in the same position from when you started at 0 to when
you ended at 5 miles.

alright, so our mechanized, robot-like existence mimics freedom but is
actually a prison in a sense. so what is true freedom for you?

Shakespeare said ,”To be or not to be.” Nowadays general conversation
starters with new acquaintances involve asking their line of
profession:”I’m a lawyer or I’m a doctor etc”.  I guess in other terms we
don’t take the time to explore the deeper nature of our selves.

We have the same amount of time in the day as DaVinci and Aristotle had in
their day. Yet they weren’t singularly defined by one profession. Their
area of expertise was greater in some subjects but overall they explored
multiple facets of creativity and that is true freedom.

that last one was a great point…

I was listening to an interview the other day on a daily youtube channel
called underground railroad. In it, the guy mentions he took an acting
class once. The teacher said something pretty interesting, it was something
along the lines of ,”you have to unlearn to be yourself in a way to further
grow into the character.”

So another form of not limiting ourselves…

Right. Therefore, we’re able to bring forth that character by drawing it
out from ourselves. The way were limited now its like you’re free to do so
and so but within certain confines.

Now that paints a pretty clear picture.

All while some are selling the idea of freedom while profiting off of the

(to be continued…)

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