Is it Really That Bad?


I want to talk about a quote that a lot of people seem to be fond of that comes from the book “Zen and the art of Happiness”(which I have not read and have no plans on reading any time in the near future… the quote is just very interesting). The quote, though, requires an individual to have a belief system in which “everything that happens to me is the best possible thing that can happen to me”.

To me, it kinda means that we should be grateful for any experience that leaves us alive and able to feel. Even if that feeling is disgust or anger, you’re able to look at the situation and say,”this sucks, but I’m still alive and I can make sure this situation doesn’t occur again,” or ,”this experience was amazing, and I’m thankful that this opportunity was chosen for me at this exact time and space.” Actually, its best said: accept your fate in stride; live your story, and truly embrace all chapters.

It’s something that I’m actually trying to put into practice daily. It’s a lot harder than it sounds because we’re all on this invisible timeline that someone else created and said ,”hey this is how your life should go (I.e. Love, marriage, baby carriage…high school, college, corporate career…type of deal).” If an event happens that shakes or disturbs the false reality we’ve created for ourselves, we don’t usually look at any positive aspects of the situation.

At first I took a look at the quote like ,”ok so life is all sunshine and Krabby Patties,” but the quote isn’t meant to create some other false reality that everything that happens is good… just that it was the best possible thing that could happen in that instance. We should let go of time as some linear “thing” and accept each moment for what it is. Time… that’s another topic in itself, lol.


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