Love thyne neighbor? Maybe Love thyneself…


Do you love your neighbor?  Should you have to??  What are the reasons why???  These are some questions I’ve been asking myself lately, as I do believe we should give respect toward one another until there’s a reason to otherwise not.  Now the love I speak of isn’t of a sexual nature of course(although if it is then good for you), its about caring enough about one another to at least give(and get) respect and to care enough to reach out if they’re in need when you can.

I ask this because I’ve come across my own fair share of disrespectful and selfish people; those that act with one purpose, their own agendas and little else.  Maybe some loud mouth who does nothing but put others down in order to make themselves look special.  Now I want to point out I see a trend of many of us being the opposite way, and its very easy to love these people.  But, for the ones that it’s difficult to even be in the same room around… how can i give respect to somebody like that even though that’s the way that I know how things would be better all around for everyone?

My only answer so far is to be strong and show them through example what respect is.  Don’t back down or walk away from them and ignore them.  I believe many times these people are reaching out or reacting in the only way they know possible.  It’s an opportunity to reach out to another person and help make their lives better, and the lives of those around them.  Far too many times I’ve walked away or ignored these situations, but i know I can at least respect my neighbor and myself now by at least trying.



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