“When the ax came into the forest…”

“When the ax came into the forest the trees said the handle is one of us.” We're being tricked daily...

Riot-Ricardo Sexton

It’s written: “plenty choices” …but I’m reading: “many consequences” Are guaranteed like joy & suffering (to compare) …lowers self-esteem The oppressed “and” the oppressor Are joined, pressed, tided together Semantics, same antics, and tactics Unbelievable! then Civil, now Equal Slogan: “Reform” in a stolen storm Assimilate! In the rained on parade ‘Get a spine or […] … Continue reading Riot-Ricardo Sexton

When do Politics decide Friendship?

lovelyishe asked a question: What is your opinion on the stance that you should end a friendship because of differing political opinions? Is there a time when you believe it is best to drift apart from them or no? Hey dear friend, this is certainly a difficult, relevant question today, as it seems political differences … Continue reading When do Politics decide Friendship?