With All Due Respect…!

I’ve been gone a long time…

I’ve left StreetPsych alone with empty promises…

AND, I spent all this time wondering why I’m neglecting everything.  Now I have an answer after much introspection:

The direction that this site took since it’s inception was one that I didn’t anticipate but gladly welcomed; mental health.


Now part of my touch and go here is because I’m truly bipolar as shit but with this comes a degree of gifts that I would like to share with you all.

So, I’ve been off meds for a few months now and it was the greatest choice I ever made.  NO, this is definitely not the way to go for many people.

YES, it helped me a lot this year especially in guiding me to the point where I am now.


I experienced so much growth during these past couple months that I could equate to having as much significance as the last 13 years of my life.

  1. 1st off, I couldn’t have done this without the specific things I’ve come to learn and the way I came across them.
  2. The last 13 years were a curse of sorts with me having little direction or sense of control over my life(SO fucking glad that’s over with)
  3. The culmination of the events that have transpired was what I needed in life to let go of the past in a permanent and healthy way… So I can face life whole-heartedly with this new found sense of purpose and motivation.
  4. I was lucky to finally find the answers to everything I’ve been searching for as a child and it’s something I highly recommend to every living being as it’s so damn completing.

I learned the interconnectedness of being on a level that I can extend to all walks and manners of life.


I learned that I needed to re-evaluate things that I once accepted as truth.

I released myself of limitations, and am so very greatful for being granted this perspective in a way that I can share to loved ones, friends, and those in need and ready.

Sure, I’ll still be dealing with bipolar as I honestly believe it’s an undertreated but serious challenge to many(especially myself and others who didn’t know it’s existence was so prevalent in dictating their lives).




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