Pronouns for People..





Can it get more ridiculous? Seriously, can this stupid world, get more pathetic?

When P.C. started, one had to watch everything you said, lest you be charged and sued by someone. So began the P.C. generation.

A person who was previously referred to as ‘retarded’, could not be called retarded anymore, that would be an offence. Such people had to be referred to as ‘special needs’. I don’t know why the word ‘retarded’ is offensive, but to someone it was and so ‘special needs’ took it’s place and became Law.

If a person was cripple, you’d say he or she was cripple. That then became an offense. We have to refer to cripples, as ‘physically challenged’.

The list is endless, and just gets more and more pathetically ridiculous. I can understand that to insult someone by calling a ‘special needs’ person, ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’ is not acceptable, but to simply alter the English Language in it’s easiest form, is,  actually, stupid. But worse, to invent shit, that is of no relevance and cannot hurt anyone’s feelings, borders on insanity.

Some words that have been abolished, most definitely should’ve been abolished, as they insulted a person’s very Being.

But hey, there’s a new kid in town!

We now have to use pronouns that are acceptable to homosexuals, transsexuals, transgenders…there are up to 27 (TWENTY SEVEN) of them!

OK,  but HOW do we KNOW if someone is transsexual, transgender, ‘becoming’, ‘between’, ‘considering and therefore abstaining’….ad nauseum…seriously???

So, you best learn ALL the pronouns of people, or you could be jailed.

Here’s the list for you to firstly know who we’re talking about, even though, for the life of me, not even wikipedia can explain some, I’m still learning the Pronouns, (which I’ll never use)..


Gay (not allowed to use that word), although when one first started using it, it referred to the feeling ‘happy’, but was changed to suit people who were homosexual. Lovely, but now, one has to use some other term. So where does that leave poor old Gay? Is it okay to call someone who is HAPPY, Gay? Um, I don’t know…still checking it out


Cross Dresser

Drag King or Drag Queen

Femme Queen

Female to Male

FTM (acronym)

Gender Bender

Gender Queer

Male to Female

MTF (acronym)


Hijra (no fucking clue on this either, sounds like an Amish religion)

Pangender (huh?, yes, seriously it exists. I also thought it some kind of extinct animal, sorry, species..)






Twospirit (yup, I also thought it was a Native American Indian name, but nope)


A gender

Thirdsex   (Now this just pisses with my brain…like seriously…WTF?)

Genderfluid  (what?, no don’t answer)

Non Binary Transgender (no shitting you)


Gendergifted – (large Mr. Happy?)



Person of transgender experience


So far, this is the LIST people!

And yes, I’m pee’ing myself laughing, along with very cross eyed confusion written all over my face. See, IF I had a clue as to what half of these ‘terms’ actually refer to, then, if that floats the ‘Pangenders’ boat or whomever, I’ll use the ‘appropriate pronoun’ and try desperately hard not to offend said –  um…(may I say ‘person’?).

But…actually, no I won’t. Why? Coz my freedom of Speech is being taken away. If someone can call me a ‘bitch’ and not go to jail, or insult a person of colour and get away with it,

WHY SHOULD PEOPLE OF A DIFFERENT SEXUAL ORIENTATION HOLD THE PRIVILEGED POSITION OF BEING ADDRESSED WITH THE APPROPRIATE PRONOUNS dependent on WHAT they are??? or the criminal who fails to use the appropriate pronoun will go to jail!

I don’t give a shit what someone is, or wants to be. People are who they are, but seriously,  when it becomes a Criminal Act to  use the WRONG Pronoun on those who have alternative sexual orientation, whether you’re aware of what they are or not, then you gotta know,

the World is fucked. Simple as.


Oh P.S. I’m still waiting on the list of WHAT the Pronouns for each preferred are. Stay tuned.









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