Ugly is an ugly word

So all of my life I've been teased about my appearance. If it's not about my crooked nose, it's about my super thin lips. Or my unusually small booty. As of lately, I've been called ugly a lot more. At first, I'd get really down on myself. Even cry sometimes. I just wish that every … Continue reading Ugly is an ugly word


MOTIVATION, Where are you..? Oh, there. Wait, damn…

Procrastinations been the name of the game lately.  TBH, I haven't even looked at this blog the past five or six days... I'm sorry I neglected you(blog)... Anyway, when I came back it seems like somethings been keeping it alive and that makes me glad to see and also that some of you have been enjoying things … Continue reading MOTIVATION, Where are you..? Oh, there. Wait, damn…

Operation Plant Rescue!

So, I thought that I'd plant my own veggies in a tiny spot, in the tiny garden I have. I've gone into a 'the world is poisonous' mode and I'm convinced that everything we are now ingesting, is toxic. Well, actually, most foodstuffs are! Either GM, or so much insecticide or whatever other poison they … Continue reading Operation Plant Rescue!