The Kingdom of Us.

I watched an incredible movie/documentary, about a woman who has 7 kids, all autistic, some of whom also suffered with dyslexia. Not only was this documentary real, honest and raw, as the director spent 3 years filming the family every day, as they continued with their lives. Brilliantly edited,  an undisputeably mind blowing documentary/film, is … Continue reading The Kingdom of Us.

A little help from my friends….

So, my oldest sister, who totally raised me till I was 8, as mother didn't, has been battling cancer for the past two years. shes one of the bravest women I've ever known, and even when her lungs filled up with tumours making it impossible for her to breathe, without being attached to oxygen 24/7 … Continue reading A little help from my friends….

Importance of Brains and Brawn by Mainstreet.

Intellectual people have many uses like such: current knowledge, strategy, capable advancing for technology or resources, and a game plan. I'm going refer to this type as the Nerds, not trying to offend these types of individuals. The Intellectuals are very good and learning with a constant desire for seeking more wisdom. They are also … Continue reading Importance of Brains and Brawn by Mainstreet.