Rescuing Even One Life: Project Devur, age 18. by Mainstreet.

Devur age 18.

Struggles: homeless, drug addiction, only family left grand parents, drop out, and no true friends.

When I first met him through another friend of mine, I was watching him hanging out with a bad crowd when I watched him consuming meth amphetamines. He looked like such a young kid I was puzzled by what he was doing so early into his life.

When we began speaking I wanted to know his story and why he had chose the path he was on, how’d he get into doing the drugs he was addicted to.


His story began. His mother was an addict and of the same but later got heavily into heroin. At age 14 he began using substances. By age 15 he had gotten hooked where he was disappearing all the time to get his fix meanwhile his mother began shooting up along with his stepfather, who had brought it into her life to begin with. At age 16 he had taken off to get his fix and when he returned late the next morning his stepfather was very quiet and when he looked in the room to speak with his mom she had just recently passed to a heroin over dose. He ran out crying after seeing his lifeless mother and screamed his stepfather before for hitting the streets as it would seem for good.

After 6 months he had moved in with his grandparents who tried to help him. Unfortunately his drug problem made a dealer come seeking him out for a front a $20 worth of meth jeopardizing his life. He had asked his grandma for the money but without the reasoning which she had said no. She had walked back to her room when he saw some money in her purse and slipped out a twenty. Later that night she had found out about the missing money and discussed it with his grandfather how to handle it. They kicked him out and once again he was with out a place to stay besides the dirty streets among the Las Vegas area. Since the tragedy the next 2 years would be in a downward spiral facing no return.

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Fortunately he had finally found a helping hand toward salvation, myself. He had just gotten caught with a pistol at the age of 18 which he wasn’t old enough to carry and is currently facing 18 to 48 months of probation if he’s lucky. If luck isn’t on his side up to 4 years of his life will be in prison. Fresh out of jail I ran into him again where I took him into my home and currently been keeping him clean and giving him a good role model as well as a loyal friend.

The Game Plan AKA Goal List (conditions for him staying with me and well as making a good appeal with his judge)

1. Stay clean. No more using substances.

2. Finish his high school diploma.

3. Apply for part time job.

4. Get driver’s license.

5. Use his potential and better himself as well as knowledge by signing up for college.

I took it upon myself to help with these goals as well financially covering him while achieving each of them through food and a place to live. Hopefully he can finish his goals before court this September, so when it comes to his case the judge will take these into consideration and give this poor kid a fighting chance at the life he deserves. Over that past couple weeks I’ve shown him was its like to have a positive big brother and a friend til the end.

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Devur. You’ve came a long way and still quite a way to go. Stay strong little bro. I’m so proud of you dude. Some times all you need is a helping hand and I’m glad I found you in time. Soon you will see all the positivity you are capable of and instead of giving back all I want for you is to pay it forward. Remember I’m always here for you and you’ll always have my trust bro.

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Mainstreet Out.



3 thoughts on “Rescuing Even One Life: Project Devur, age 18. by Mainstreet.

  1. Thanks Bud! I appreciate your support on this but this is just one of many of the live’s I will better. Your welcome, I feel as this is a big part of the change that we need to do as a community not necessarily on the personal level that I do but in anyway possible.

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