WHY? Just……WHY? WTF??


Driving home in a traffic jam that went on for over an hour and my stuffing aircon doesn’t work, it’s as hot as Hades, and people keep pulling in front of me. Then I almost rammed the asshole in front of me, whilst looking left, swearing at the tatoo parloured oxygen thief, who was also trying to get in front of me!!! aaarrgghh!!

Oh and not to forget the middle aged asswipe, who is driving the latest Audi, top rolled down, car all sparkling, shades on, music rocking, getting his groove on and all, and desperately trying to get his ‘Tom Cruise’ look right – maybe to – hopefully pick up some young chicks, coz he’s cut his grey white hair exactly like teenage boys do, and no I’m not taking a breath,  coz I’m hot and pissed off, and what does the useless piece of shit keep doing?….


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