Take a breather…

Sometimes things get overwhelming; especially when something takes you by surprise and/or stacks onto a bunch of other shit.  This is when we have to remember to first make sure we're breathing correctly(as its intricately linked to many systems including even your own mood). Our first reaction to trauma is to hold our breath, which … Continue reading Take a breather…


Inspiration – Timeless Peace

Find your Middle Ground Fall outside the world of time Where nothing ever happened And nothing will ever happen Forever peace. Fall inside a part of yourself That is unperturbed And free of … Source: Inspiration - Timeless Peace

What are you really saying?

  We always hope that everyone will be the best version of themselves, but what does that even mean? Do we really want people to be the best versions of themselves or do we want them to be the best version of what we think a good human should be? If someone is an awesome … Continue reading What are you really saying?