Take a breather…

Sometimes things get overwhelming; especially when something takes you by surprise and/or stacks onto a bunch of other shit.  This is when we have to remember to first make sure we’re breathing correctly(as its intricately linked to many systems including even your own mood).

Our first reaction to trauma is to hold our breath, which in turn raises our blood pressure, which in turn helps us get into fight or flight mode at the same time.  While in fight or flight, we cannot think as rationally as we can when we’re calm.  We want our breath and heartbeats to be deep and relaxed like in deep rest or maybe even like after a great orgasm.

Make calm, rational decisions…

Once we have our breathing under control, it’s much easier to handle situations(especially when we aren’t adding our own stressors onto the already existing ones).  This is especially important for smokers(and ex-smokers like myself still), people with hypertension/high blood pressure, and general hot-heads.

Remember the next time life gets to be a little too much, remember (for the sake of the rest of us) to step aside, CHILL OUT, and take a breather; you need it.



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