One Step Closer to Eternity

Definitely a topic we would’ve chosen had insanitybytes22 not worded this so well

See, there's this thing called biology...

Someone smart once said, “your days aren’t numbered, they’re getting longer as you step closer to eternity.” I really liked that from a quirky physics perspective and from the perspective of one of God’s paradoxical truths. Our days are actually shorter when we’re young because we’re farther away from eternity. The closer we move towards it, the longer our number of days grow. We aren’t running out of time, we’re expanding towards it.

Such ideas speak to God’s abundance, to the abundance of cultivating a kingdom mindset. The world relentlessly preaches scarcity, so there is never enough, never enough time, never enough money…..never enough love. Everything is viewed through a lens of deprivation, as if there are a very limited amount of resources, and somebody could snatch them away at a moment’s notice. Scarcity.

The God I know is rich in resources, infinite, beyond our ability to even conceive of…

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