No, Seriously, Suicide is Not Selfish

Unsurprisingly, lots of opinions, theories, and soapboxes have come out in the wake of Chris Cornell's suicide.  When Robin Williams committed suicide, I wrote a long piece attempting to remove ignorant peoples' heads from their asses, so I guess I should write again... Suicide is not selfish It must be nice to exist in a … Continue reading No, Seriously, Suicide is Not Selfish

I’ve defriended my vacuum cleaner!

I've never ever enjoyed housework, EVER! I find it the most tedious, boring, stressful, sneeze inducing horrible thing we have to do. I've now defriended my vacuum cleaner! The friendship is....over! NO, I won't take to sweeping and mopping on the floor, as in my mind, it seems perfectly fine, to give this 'cleaning thing' … Continue reading I’ve defriended my vacuum cleaner!

When life gives you lemons….

So no one would believe this shit. Its so unreal I have to share. Moving house to another city 3 and a half hours away. Decide to really sort it all so that it goes smoothly, coz I HATE moving with a passion. Book skip (large one and pay for same whilst scraping the barrel) … Continue reading When life gives you lemons….