Fire Sale!

So I thought seeing as christmas is almost upon us, I would sell off my remaining stock, for next to nothing.

I have no intention of rushing around to shops to sell my stock, even though some of it is really cool and all imported.

I’ve had a look at what is available in shops for christmas gifts, and it seems to me, that the ‘quirky thing’ seems to be the rage.? (no I don’t understand).

So, the thing is, I had an online shop a while ago, but due to brain fog, couldn’t run it properly. So I just stopped! You know, like we do. In the middle of it all, we walk out. That was a couple years ago, and now, I have to sell the goods, coz I have nowhere to keep them anymore, besides, I don’t think I’m ever really going to get the shop going again, so what the heck.

So lovely people, here’s a link to ebay, where what I’ve uploaded currently stock, with loads more to upload still and ALL prices are negotiable. My aim is to sell, not rip anyone off.

Please have a look, especially at the Tea light holders, as they’re designer, and imported and cannot be found anywhere except the Country I bought them from.

The retro framed paintings are really cool. Shabby chic reproductions of posters when advertising started, somewhere around the 1950’s.

Plus there’s a whole lot more coming. Stay tuned!

Happy shopping!

TR CH and Cabinets & Shit GF Clock 013     Photo 08-11-2017, 13 58 41   Photo 08-11-2017, 13 58 02Vintage Painting (9)Photo 08-11-2017, 14 35 35

Vintage Painting (46)    Vintage Painting (6)


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